Gillette Fusion 5 Safety Razor

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Fusion 5 Proglide
1Razor 8pcs Blades 2
Razor Blades 12pcs

Key Features:

-With Flex Ball technology, Paraglide responds to contours and gets virtually every hair.

-Gillette's thinnest, finest men's razor blades (first 4 blades, vs. Fusion5) for less tug and pull (vs. Fusion5)

-Enhanced Lubrastrip with more lubricants (vs. Fusion5)
-Precision Trimmer on the back for hard-to-reach places and styling.(The gift blades don't have the Precision Trimmer)

-5 precision blades, helping reduce pressure per blade for a comfortable shave (vs. Mach3)

-The razor blades are compatible with Gillette Skin Guard and all Gillette Fusion handles( Includes Gillette Fusion 5 , Gillette Fusion Proglide, Gillette Fusion Proglide Prower,Gillette Fusion Proshield,Gillette Fusion Proshield Chill)